About Sunflower

Sunflower uses its vast experience in order to leverage business opportunities in the renewable energy sector. Sunflower invests in renewable energy projects which generate high and steady income and therefore gives investors the opportunity to invest in a renewable energy portfolio. In 2008, Sunflower started its activity in the renewable energy field by investing in PV plants in Spain, and in 2010 Sunflower expanded its investments in the PV field also to Italy and Israel. As of 2012, Sunflower, through its subsidiary Windflower, is active in the wind sector in Poland and has also begun developing wind farms in Finland in 2014. Since 2010, Sunflower has dramatically expanded its activity: the capacity of its Projects in MW and the investment in Projects were tripled (MW 29 to 81 and Million Euro 62 to 202) and the income from producing electricity is four times higher (Million NIS 29 to 116). Sunflower has a professional and efficient team with over 6 years of experience in the renewable energy field and has a stable financial structure. Sunflower has remarkable knowledge and understanding of the financial sector and capital markets in Israel and Europe. Sunflower intends to further expand its activity in the target territories and in additional sectors.

Sunflower Investments in Projects in MW

36% Average Annual Growth Rate – AAGR

(*) The capacity of 2014 includes 16 MW of projects under construction or purchase process and does not include projects of 100MW in development stage 

Sunflower Revenues from Electricity – Million NIS