Under a highly experienced and reputable management team the company acts to develop a high quality and diverse portfolio that includes operating energy assets and projects in various development and initiation stages. The company owns and operates five wind farms in Poland, with an aggregate capacity of 50* MW, and 256 solar photovoltaic systems with an aggregate capacity of about 31** MW on industrial/agricultural rooftops throughout Israel. The company focuses on growth, and is building a rapidly growing project development pipeline, primarily in the US and in Poland.

The Keystone REIT Fund, the controlling shareholder, actively supports the company’s activity through its extensive contact network in Israel and around the world. The fund managers bring extensive years of experience in the renewable energy field, and its significant financial backing to Sunflower helps the company’s growth.

Leumi Partners Ltd, Bank Leumi’s real investment arm, is another significant shareholder in the company.

Sunflower is proud to be a member of the 35+ Forum for promoting gender diversity in the capital market. Sunflower’s board of directors is comprised of 66.6% women.
Sunflower continues to support gender equality and diversity within and outside the company.

** The company’s share is about 39 megawatt

Sunflower specializes in leading, initiating, developing, financing, constructing, operating and managing renewable energy and energy storage projects in the US, Poland and Israel.

The company currently focuses on three rapidly growing strategic markets:

Poland ‏–‏ increased supply of renewable energy is expected in the next five years due to government targets, the country’s belonging to the EU and its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   Sunflower is expanding its activity based on its yielding portfolio, in-depth acquaintance with the market, and the reputation and contacts it developed in the Polish market over its years of activity in the country.

United States – significant momentum following President Biden’s plans including the Inflation Reduction Act – greatly accelerating the deployment of renewable energy  and energy storage resources across the nation. Sunflower leverages the vast experience of its executive management in this market in order to build a portfolio of projects in various development stages. Sunflower leverages the rich experience of its managers in this market in order to build a portfolio of projects in various development stages.

Israel – with rapid growth in renewable energy investments throughout the country – Sunflower is leveraging its operating solar portfolio, unique knowledge in the energy storage field and Keystone Fund’s capabilities in order to execute deals.