Privacy Policy:

The Company respects the privacy of the website users and takes the necessary steps to maintain such privacy.

When performing operations by means of the website the user may be required to provide their details (for example for “Contact Us” inquiries). User information is maintained and secured as required by law.

The Company shall not transfer the aforementioned user details to a third party except in the following cases:

When it is necessary for the purpose of proper operation of the website services; in the event of a breach of the website Terms of Use or the execution of operations on the website deemed to be in contravention of the law or as an attempt to carry out such operations; in the event in which it is required to provide the details;

Cookies – Cookies

For the purpose of its operation, including in order to gather information about the user’s use of the website, in order to check the identity of the individual using the service or the information on the website, in order to enable users more convenient and easier use of the website, in order to analyze and uniquely tailor the website to the user’s needs and preferences, and for the purpose of data security, the website uses and/or shall use “Cookies (Cookies)”.

Cookies (Cookies) are small text files stored on the website servers by the browser on the hard disk of the computer used. The cookies do not contain information that identifies the user personally, however they contain information with data about the user’s activity on the website with respect to a wide range of aspects. The user may choose, by changing the settings of the browser used, to refuse to accept and save these cookies. Use of the cookies enables the website to provide quick and efficient service, as well as to gather statistical data about website use, and saves the user the need to enter their personal details each time in the future.


Only the laws of the State of Israel shall apply to the aforementioned Terms of Use and the obligating documents. The exclusive jurisdiction to decide any dispute involving these rules, is vested in the competent courts in the Tel Aviv and Central Districts of the State of Israel.